It is a new media world, and not everything conforms to the standards that were customary even a few years ago; some content isn’t appropriate for mainstream media, and some programming is fine tuned to a hyper-niche audience; moreover, some content is just meant to be in podcast form. 

Whatever the content, you have a message, and it is ready for prime time… sure, you can continue to sit in your basement with your home podcast setup, but when you tire of background sounds from the furnace kicking in, the kids screaming for attention, the dog barking at every car that passes by, or just want to take your program to the next level (or even the level above that), Radio Broadcast Services, LLC has the facility and the technology to make yourLots of knobs podcast shine.  From audio-only podcasts, to single and multi-camera vlogs and podcasts, Radio Broadcast Services, LLC can bring your program to the top of its field, and help attract a broader audience.

Our primary studio offers Shure KSM 27 microphones, DBX 286 mic processors, Harris broadcast console, AudioVault digital audio delivery, Sony robotic cameras, Tricaster production system with Graphics, digital transitions, and image overlay, Sony and Shure headphones, Telos multi-line broadcast phone system, and much, much, more to make your program surpass your competitors.


Bring your podcast to the fore at Radio Broadcast Services, and experience the difference that the competition only dreams about.